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Weber Knapp

About Us

Since 1909, Weber Knapp has closely worked with customers to innovate and make something different. We are far more than just a “hinge manufacturer” – we help you create:

  • New markets
  • New products
  • New applications

Our patented, advanced counterbalance and hinge design raises the bar on quality and safety for several industries:

  • Kitchen & commercial appliance hinges
  • Medical ergonomics & equipment
  • Ergonomic office products
  • Hospitality
  • Industrial heavy-duty hinges

We understand the true value of collaborating with our customers. For Weber Knapp, proudly based in Jamestown, N.Y., this is what “Made in the USA” manufacturing stands for.

From an engineering and manufacturing standpoint, it also means we’ve invested the time and effort to perfect many techniques, many of which we invented. Over the years, we’ve added critical prototype testing and intense quality control programs. Our ongoing research & development efforts are all in the name of coming up with a better, safer, longer-lasting solution for you.

Vectis Design

Weber Knapp is proud to introduce Vectis™, the first design your own (DYO) springloaded counterbalance hinges. Vectis can give you a lift with patented technology for custom and pre-engineered counterbalancing needs.

Vectis’ pre-engineered, springloaded counterbalance hinges are tailored and manufactured to match your load requirements. Whether you need one or 1,000, our team with decades of experience can cost-effectively engineer a solution.

Vectis Custom addresses applications that are outside the standard torque or mounting parameters of standard Vectis counterbalance hinges. Each custom design is built to manage specific challenges or add new features. We handle in-house:

  • Design
  • Engineering
  • Tooling
  • Manufacturing
  • Assembly
  • Shipping

More than 100 Weber Knapp pros are focused on the common goal of using Vectis’ innovation to make your product different from the rest. Getting started with Vectis is an incredibly simple process. To begin, click here to use our proprietary DYO app.

To learn more about Weber Knapp and Vectis, call us at (800) 828-9254, ext. 259; or email Vectis@weberknapp.com.

All Vectis products are manufactured in the United States

Centered Around Culture

Our culture has always been focused on establishing and maintaining longterm relationships with our employees, our customers, and our community.  We invest in high-quality/high-performance equipment.  We first and foremost, however, invest in our employees and in our community.  

We believe in the well-being of our employees and in providing them with as many opportunities as we can to assist in advancing their betterment goals.

An equal employment opportunities company