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Weber Knapp

Vertical Integration

As a vertically integrated company, Weber Knapp has the ability to extend our expert engineering and manufacturing support to assist you in bringing new products to market. 

We manage every aspect of our manufacturing process, from the initial design phase  through production.   We handle the prototyping, rigorous testing, raw materials processing, finishing, assembly, packaging, and shipping to your product’s final destination.  

Weber Knapp is also a single-source partner.  We provide an exceptional collaborative experience between your team and ours, as we strive for excellence in innovation to meet your goals. 

Single-sourcing allows us the opportunity to become an extension of your team, sharing technology and contributing to the design of your product through a continuous collaborative effort.  

Our strategic combination of vertical integration and single-sourcing enables us to provide our customers with high-quality products, consistently.  Having everything under one roof simplifies the monitoring and management of all processes involved in a project, as well as a quick means to adapt to any required changes.  

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If you’re looking to streamline costs or cut an unreliable link from your supply chain, contact Weber Knapp today. We’ll examine your entire production process and recommend design-for-manufacturability, finishing, and other key solutions: