Lift Gate Assistant for Pass-Through Countertops

Improving Hospitality Design with Motion Control Engineering

When you walk into a fancy bar, what do you notice? Is it the lighting or the seating? Your eyes are probably drawn directly to the bar itself, which is often designed to be the focal point of restaurants and pubs. 

The Lift Gate Assistant can make your bar both functional and fancy with a flip-up bar counter. Save your employees the hassle of wrestling with a heavy countertop and leave a lasting impression on your customers. 

Using motion control engineering and Vectis Technology, the Lift Gate Assistant makes lifting heavy tables or counters easy, safe, and convenient. 

And restaurants aren’t the only place where the Lift Gate Assistant can make a difference; it’s often used in hotels and tiny homes too! Applications include:

  • Pass-through countertops for hospitality design
  • Murphy beds with fold-out tables
  • Fold-down tables and seating for RVs or campers
See the Lift Gate Assistant in action:
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Lift Gate Assistant Lid Calculator

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