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Designer’s Guide to Innovative Hospitality Solutions

All of the information you need about Weber Knapp’s motion control solutions and capabilities for designing your next project.

Weber Knapp’s proprietary software and experienced engineering team combine to create specialized counterbalance mechanisms for the hospitality industry. 

Not only have we solved complex problems for globally recognized clients, we’ve also given them a competitive edge with our motion control engineering solutions. Our lift assist hinges make their products

  • Feel lighter
  • Safer
  • More intuitive
  • More ergonomic
  • Stand out from the crowd!

Our baseline counterbalance hinges have been tested to 100,000 cycles. Your bar flap door lift assist or similar product will not fall, even when partially open. This allows for user peace of mind.

Patented Technology in Applications for Your Customers

Vertical Murphy Bed With a Desk
Innovative Design
Lift Gate Technology
Design Details

Weber Knapp helped develop a pull-out bed with a folding desk and adjustable back support for Artone Manufacturing LLC. This product goes into high-end hotels throughout the hospitality industry.

Weber Knapp’s Lift Gate Assistant technology was able to increase workplace efficiency in King’s Seafood restaurants. Plus, the moving bar is a neat interior design element!

Motion control hinges and other counterbalance systems have numerous applications in the hospitality world, from cabinet and wardrobe doors to foldable furniture. Explore all the ways Weber Knapp contributes to the hospitality industry.

Our patented counterbalance technology offers precision and superior reliability for lid lift assists and door lift assists:

  • Countertop hinges (bar flip top lift gate hinges, kitchen countertop bar hinges, etc.)
  • Murphy bed hinges
  • Tanning bed hinges
  • Monitor mounting systems
  • Furniture space saving mechanisms

Check out examples of our products and capabilities in action:

Case Study: Artone Manufacturing

Artone Manufacturing, a leading hospitality furniture and casegoods maker, wanted to stand out from the crowded BDNY trade show. Its lofty goal was a vertical Murphy bed with a desk that folds out of the headboard. Knowing the required motion control components would make or break the project, Artone called on an old partner … 

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Vertical Murphy Bed With a Desk

Case Study: King's Fish House

When King’s Fish House came to us with the idea of its lifting bar design, Weber Knapp was able to provide a Vectis solution for their project. The Lift Gate Assistant integrated nicely into King’s Fish House’s restaurants, adding not only a cool design element, but also improving employee experience.

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Design Details: Endless Possibilities for Your Project

Working with a partner that goes from design straight into production is a great way to ensure your project experience is seamless. Weber Knapp starts with blueprints and ends with a finished product; almost all of our manufacturing processes are done in-house. 

Not to mention, our other capabilities for manufacturing. We have the equipment and the know-how for:

  • CNC turning, laser cutting, press brakes, and routing
  • Robotic welding
  • Progressive stamping
  • Powder coating
  • Electroplating

All of these capabilities give us a great amount of flexibility in design and production, which gives you a custom product. Anything goes, not just motion control and counterbalancing. You need desk legs, furniture support, or vanity equipment? We have you covered. Talk to us about what you need, chances are, we can do it. 

To learn more about our capabilities and what Weber Knapp can do for you–whether you’re in the design phase or ready for production–give us a shout!

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Frequently Asked Questions from Our Design Firm Partners

Our goal is to ensure your project runs as smoothly as possible. We accomplish this through transparency, and partnership. To help us get off on the right foot, here are some answers to questions that may be on your mind:

How can I order a hinge?

How can I order a hinge?

We don’t just sell our hinges willy nilly, we like knowing where they are going! Plus, if we meet with you about your specific hinge project, chances are we can work together to design a better product for you and your needs.

What’s the first step in getting the ball rolling?

What’s the first step in getting the ball rolling?

Here’s what we need from you: The dimensions of the project you’re working on and any other specifications about the purpose/function of the project. You might try poking around our Vectis DYO app to get started.

I have a very specific and unconventional design for a project, can you help?

I have a very specific and unconventional design for a project, can you help?

Weber Knapp’s engineering team specializes in innovating and finding a solution for even the trickiest problems. Chances are, we can help you find a design solution for any project.

What kind of industries does Weber Knapp work in?

What kind of industries does Weber Knapp work in?

We have our hands in everything from kitchen appliances to medical equipment.

How do I know if I can benefit from partnering with Weber Knapp?

How do I know if I can benefit from partnering with Weber Knapp?

Does your project have a moving part? A hinge, perhaps? Well, that’s our speciality.

Hospitality Resources to Explore

Vectis DYO App

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Looking to read more about motion control or counterbalancing? Check out our blog where we write about everything from calculating torque to designing solutions for the medical industry.


There is no better way to gauge a product than to see it in action. Mike has taken it upon himself to show you how our motion control systems work!

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