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Weber Knapp

Book Lift Mechanism

The Book Lift Mechanism is of the highest quality and is proudly manufactured in the USA by Weber Knapp Company. The mechanism helps keep books and media within easy reach of librarians in bins and library book deposits. Units are shipped direct from our factory in Jamestown, NY completely assembled and ready for installation in your depressible book truck. This item is available in load capacities of 50 and 60 pounds with a maximum working height of 19 inches.

Book Lift Mechanism Part #

  • 9574-1: 50 lb load, Height 19.5″
  • 9850-1: 50 lb load, Height 20.5″
  • 9574-2: 60 lb load, Height 19.5″
  • 9850-2: 60 lb load, Height 20.5″