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Weber Knapp

Our Process

With over a century of experience in designing and manufacturing mechanical hardware and kinematic motion control mechanisms, we have been able to refine our process into a few simple steps to help ensure that your project succeeds.

Our process is based on communication and trust. Our sales and engineering team works with you to fully understand your needs. We listen to your concerns and offer feedback. We provide a direct line of communication to the engineering team to help foster a partnership and positive working relationship.

As a design and manufacturing company, we also offer a turnkey solution.

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The Weber Knapp Process


With the provided project specifications, the engineering team proceeds with concept development.  Open communication continues during this step, as updates, which can include Finite Element Analysis, detailed charts, and renderings, are provided and feedback is received on the finer details.  Once complete, the concept is reviewed with you, including preliminary pricing.

Prototyping and Testing

When the initial concept and pricing is approved, the engineering team proceeds with building prototypes for your use and internal testing. They also develop a test plan and build any required testing apparatuses. The testing results are used to optimize and validate the design.

Optimizing and Revising

Based on your testing, user feedback, and our own testing, we make any necessary revisions to better meet your project requirements. We also refine the pricing by working with you to decide on the tooling and manufacturing processes. We offer options for low volume, low tool cost production to high volume, fully tooled production and anywhere in between.

Production Start

Upon final approval, we move forward with the first production run. The same engineering team that started the process continues to provide support through production. The same test plan and apparatuses that were used to validate the prototypes are used in our quality process to ensure ongoing performance.