Office Ergonomics

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We began our journey into Ergonomic Innovation in the early 1980’s. We’re proud that we can say we created the first adjustable keyboard in relation to office furniture. That one keyboard arm was just the beginning for us and would ultimately open up an entirely new world of innovation opportunities for Weber Knapp’s engineering team.

Our team started out with simple mechanisms and graduated to spring assisted and gravity lock keyboard arm options, as well as more technologically advanced motion control solutions such as our PositionMate, Sit/Stand UpRight, and height adjustable tables paired with the LanScape monitor bank.

The late 1980’s through the 1990’s allowed us the opportunity to become major players in the ergonomic game. Our ability to use innovation in relation to motion control systems opened us up to the global marketplace. In 1997, Weber Knapp obtained our Taiwan facility, allowing us to strategically broaden our global reach and providing us with further advancement in the ergonomic market.

As office spaces continue to change to better align with advancing technology, you can be assured that Weber Knapp will be there to offer you the latest in innovative ergonomic product.

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