441 Chandler Street, Jamestown, NY 14701
Weber Knapp

Our Capabilities

In Weber Knapp, customers can find both a product design and manufacturing partner due to our product engineering expertise and extensive production capabilities.  We support prototype, low, and high volume production quantities. Nearly all of our manufacturing processes are performed in-house.  This offers us superior control over products and their lead times.

Products include custom multi-link hinge assemblies, counterbalances, lift mechanisms, ergonomic office innovations, and other mechanical motion control devices.

Design Engineering
Our engineers have extensive experience and the tools to implement it.  We have the latest SolidWorks CAD software which is capable of 3D solid modeling, finite element analysis, animations, and product renderings.  We have our own model shop for making prototype parts and fixtures quickly during the development process.  We also operate our own test facility, equipped for both static and dynamic product validation.

CNC Laser Cutting
We have two 4kW CNC laser cutting machines.   The latest of which is a new Prima LGf 4kW fiber laser that was added in October 2018.  CNC laser cutting is capable of producing highly complex shapes.  It is used to support product development, prototype manufacture, and production jobs.

CNC Turning Centers
We have five Swiss-style CNC turning centers that can process round stock up to 1.25” in diameter.  We also have a CNC turret lathe capable of turning bar stock up to 2.5” in diameter.   They can produce complex parts with exceptional quality and surface finish.

CNC Press Brakes
Three CNC Press Brakes ranging in tonnage from 40 tons to 175 tons provide repeatable sheet metal forming to complement our CNC laser operations.  We have a large inventory of die sets to meet part bend requirements.

CNC Routing
A CNC router, guided by GE FANUC 180i controls, provides the ability to cut and profile a variety of materials, such as laminates, phenolic composites, wood, plastics, and aluminum of varying thickness.

Robotic Welding
We address higher volume production needs with three, 7-axis, MIG robotic welders. The 48-inch-long dual tables allow separate programs to be run on each side. The Robotic Welding equipment is capable of coordinated motion and weave welding and produces strong, consistently welded joints. ​ We also have manual MIG welders to support lower volume products and prototypes.

Progressive Die Stamping
For higher volume production we have ten primary and eleven secondary Minster presses for progressive die stamping.  Coil-fed automatic primary presses range from 50 to 300 tons. Secondary presses range from 35 to 110 tons. Our quick change clamping process reduces set-up time while our designing of master dies with interchangeable components provides maximum flexibility, reduced handling and lower overall tooling costs.

Powder Coating
Our electrostatic Powder Coating line is environmentally friendly.  It produces a finished surface that is resistant to chipping and wear.  There are multiple standard colors to choose from and with our color change process, the options are almost limitless.  We also have a color spectrophotometer to ensure color matches.

We perform Copper, Brass, Black Oxide, Nickel and Zinc electroplating for small bulk process parts. We provide antiquing for brass and copper, along with vibratory deburring. A complete environmental water treatment system is housed within our facility.