Meet Vectis Technology


One Finger Lift

Vectis™ creates the envious feel commonly associated with quality manufacturers such as Hestan Outdoor, Kamado JoeSub ZeroViking Range and Jenn Air.


Spring Technology minimizes risks of accidents with often intimidating and potentially dangerous, heavy lids.

Flexible Options

Dial in the feel you’re looking for: 

  • Tru Counterbalance
  • Spring Assist
  • Coast Open/Coast Closed
  • Soft Open/Soft Closed
  • Pop-Up


Patented High Heat Technology

Patent pending technology developed specifically for grill applications.

All-Season, All-Weather Reliability

Corrosion and oxidization issues are mitigated by incorporating stainless steel and outdoor grade powder coated components.


Vectis™ Technology is the culmination of decades of mechanical motion control engineering expertise into an ever increasing line of precision counterbalance and spring assisted hinges. Whether your application requires the absolute precision of counterbalance technology or simply the benefits of a featherlight, soft-open/soft-close, spring-assisted device; our award-winning Vectis™ team of engineers will provide you with the exact solution you require. And believe us, they love a good challenge!


  1. Tru Counterbalance  – When the lid/hood stays where you put it.  In other words, it will not move after you position it at the desired angle. This occurs when the lid torque is matched by spring torque and the friction envelope. 
    The benefit is being able to vent heat at any angle without propping the lid open.  The spring also provides the added benefit of offsetting heavy lid weight for fingertip control and feel.
  2. Spring Assist  – Force provided to offset the heavy feel of a hood/lid.  The lid will typically tend to coast open and/or coast closed from approximately the middle of its opening range.
  3. Coast Closed  – The lid will tend to move toward the closed position because the lid torque is greater than the spring plus friction torque.
  4. Coast Open – The lid will tend to move toward the open position as a result of the lid torque being less than the spring minus friction torque.
  5. Soft Open / Soft Closed  – The rate of final opening and/or closing controlled by use of a damper in conjunction with springs.  Excess energy is absorbed to prevent sudden stop or slam.
  6. Slam  – The undesirable violent closing that creates noise, an abrupt stop and/or damage to the product or worse, injury, resulting in negative user experience.
  7. Pop Up  – A slight rise of a few degrees from the closed position due to the spring torque being greater than the lid torque.  This can be advantageous when a latch is used, as it creates a gap for opening the lid.