Vectis® Technology | Counterbalance and Spring Assisted Hinges

Vectis® Technology: Counterbalance and Spring Assisted Hinges

Vectis Technology is the culmination of 100+ years of mechanical motion control engineering research. Now, we’ve put the ability to build precision counterbalance and spring-assisted hinges in your hands.

Whether your application requires the absolute precision of counterbalance technology or simply the benefits of a featherlight, soft-open/soft-close lid; our Vectis team of engineers will get you started on a solution. You can choose from our four models and fully customize them in our easy-to-use proprietary Vectis DYO app.

Don’t be afraid to experiment — we can help you come up with something the competition isn’t doing!

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Vectis Technology

Vectis Technology’s Spring-Assisted Hinge Features

One Finger Lift

Ever wonder how high-end grills, tanning beds, and other heavy lids and doors stay safety upright despite weighing 50 lbs. or more? That’s experienced counterbalance engineering at work.

Vectis creates the envious feel and ease of use commonly associated with quality manufacturers such as Hestan Outdoor.


Spring technology isn’t just about the “wow” factor. Thoughtful motion control design can protect your customers from injuries and your company from legal issues.

Lean on Vectis to help you eliminate risks of accidents associated with slamming lids, doors, and covers.

Got an existing design that’s causing safety issues? We can look at that too and recommend a solution.


Differentiate your product with movement that goes beyond a simple open and close. With Vectis you can dial in the feel you’re looking for: 

  • True counterbalancing
  • Spring assistance
  • Coast-open and coast-close lids
  • Soft-open and soft-close lids
  • Pop-up lids
Commercial Appliance Hinges

The Vectis Difference

Patent-Pending High Heat Technology

Motion control components need special design considerations when they’re going on:
  • Grills
  • Oven doors
  • Other high-heat applications
Use Vectis’ patent-pending technology to develop a motion control hinge that stands up to extreme temperatures — something gas springs will never do. Investing in a long-term solution gives you a better ROI on your product.

All-Season, All-Weather Reliability

Whether your main goal is a product that’s aesthetically pleasing or corrosion-resistant — or both — Vectis has the processes and know-how to set you up for success. We mitigate corrosion and oxidation issues by incorporating stainless steel and outdoor-grade powder coating, as well as other techniques and materials.

Ask A Weber Knapp Engineer

If you need a better understanding of how counterbalance design can make your product “pop,” just ask below. An expert engineer will explain how to use advanced motion control to resolve safety and quality issues: