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Weber Knapp

Heavy-Duty Industrial Hinges

Together, let’s address the safety and reliability issues often associated with industrial products.

Perhaps you seek an off-the-shelf hinge solution. Or maybe your in-house team or another contract manufacturer has tried and failed to manufacture a custom solution.

Weber Knapp offers the ideal heavy-duty industrial hinge solution for:

People are constantly confused between counterbalance and a simple hinge, or a spring assist, for that matter. Trust our happy customers — there’s a huge difference. Weber Knapp can help you develop highly specialized design scenarios for unique industrial applications, using Vectis technology as an alternative to pressure cylinders.

We are ready to team our innovative solutions with your advanced industrial applications. This applies to now and in the future.

Industrial Hinge Design (+ More) at Weber Knapp

We are a full-service company — start to finish.

Rather than making something that requires multiple suppliers, why not go to a single source for fully integrated product design and manufacturing?

Our sales and engineering team will work with you to fully understand your needs. We will:

  • Design it
  • Build it
  • Test it
  • Deliver it

We self-manage every aspect of the manufacturing process, from the initial design phase through production. We handle the prototyping, rigorous testing, raw materials processing, finishing, assembly, packaging, and shipping to your product’s final destination.

If you need a single-source manufacturer that’s U.S.-based and has been trusted for 100+ years, let Weber Knapp be your new go-to.