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Industrial Hinge Manufacturers: Machining Capabilities

Industrial hinge manufacturing isn’t easy — there’s a lot of sweat involved in making custom motion control and counterbalance hinges. 

But, arguably, a lot less sweat than there used to be, especially since our manufacturing technology has greatly improved with the introduction of CNC-capable machines. 

Industrial hinge manufacturers — and manufacturers in virtually every other industry — have increased their efficiency and their output with the incorporation of computerized machining processes.

At Weber Knapp, we manufacture hinges and ergonomic office accessories; it’s true. But here’s a secret — many hinge manufacturers in the USA also provide custom industrial machining options, allowing customers to outsource more of their manufacturing needs to a single trusted source. For example, we’ve made things like:

  • Handles and components for furniture
  • Draft tap handles – laser cut
  • Components for bar feeders
  • Custom turnings
  • Tapping

Keep reading to learn more about the many uses of CNC machining and other manufacturing processes!

What Is CNC Machining and Manufacturing?

A lot of people talk shop about CNC machining and manufacturing, but what does that actually mean? 

CNC stands for computer numerical control, and simply means that the machines are operated with a series of computer inputs instead of by manual labor. This eliminates a lot of human error to create a more uniform product, and increases the speed of machining. 

Take a look below to see what kind of manufacturing processes benefit from CNC!

CNC Press Brakes

Press brake services are a fast and simple way for precise sheet metal bending.

CNC Laser Cutting Machines

If you need detailed sheet metal cutouts, then laser cutting will be your process of choice.

CNC Routing Services

Routing and milling machines are a great way to cut grooves and hollow out plastic or MDF components.

CNC Turning Machines

Turning machines can make anything from pipe fittings to spinning tops.

Outsourcing Your Industrial Machine Needs

We know how manufacturing gets — busy. Sometimes it’s easier to outsource your machining needs rather than keep them in-house. 

By choosing a manufacturing partner, you can 

  • Cut down on lead time
  • Decrease overhead from expensive equipment or training
  • Get high-quality, customized parts from engineering design experts
  • Reduce capacity overload on your facilities

Custom Machining Capabilities

While heavy-duty hinges and CNC machining may be a big part of what we do at Weber Knapp, it’s not the only thing we can do!

Take a look at some of our other machining and design capabilities, because there’s a lot more a full-service manufacturer can do than simply fire up a lathe or laser cutter. 

From Start to Finish
You’ll save time and get superior quality when the product is designed, machined, and finished all in the same place.
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The Final Shine
Protecting your part prolongs its cycle life and brings aesthetic appeal. Check out these nifty powder coating finishes.
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Frequently Asked Questions from Our Manufacturing Partners

What do I need to start outsourcing my machining needs?

What do I need to start outsourcing my machining needs?

Once we have the specific details of your component and it’s design requirements, we can get the ball rolling!

What else does Weber Knapp use its CNC machines for?

What else does Weber Knapp use its CNC machines for?

We employ our machining capabilities to a variety of industries, including ergonomics, medical, outdoor/kitchen, hospitality, and industrial hinges.

What is the pricing for outsourcing my machining needs?

What is the pricing for outsourcing my machining needs?

Price depends on a lot of factors, like size, material, design difficulty, and volume. Every job varies!

I have an idea of the part I need manufactured, but I don’t have a design. Now what?

I have a fairly unconventional hinge application, but I still want to explore motion control. Can I still work with Weber Knapp?

No worries! The strength of Weber Knapp is its design engineering staff. We can work together to find a design that fits your needs.

Industrial Resources to Explore

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Designs Ready? Let’s Go

Confident? Let’s hop right into it.

Try Out the App

Want to Talk to Our Machining Experts?

We love to get creative. Our engineers are always happy to walk through a design idea or help you decide which machining process is right for your product.