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Designing Heavy-Duty Hinges | Vectis Technology

You’ve lifted a grill lid at your family cookout. You know how tanning bed lids work. But, what do these things have in common? (Aside from cooking things.)

It’s hinges — that’s what they have in common. And those hinges are built to hold the weight of a heavy lid, but not many of them are designed to make that weight feel … weightless. 

However, special motion control engineered hinges can counterbalance the weight of the lid, making lifting easy and simple. 

Weber Knapp has been a leader in motion control design and implementation since the 1950s. All that time and experience has allowed us to pioneer a major advance in kinematic motion control called Vectis Technology.   

What Does Vectis Technology Mean to Heavy-Duty Hinges?

Vectis Technology is a culmination of our engineering teams’ creative thinking, relentless research and development, and disciplined procedures. The goal was to make motion control engineering and counterbalance mechanism engineering accessible and easy to use for you and your end customer. 

We believe that whenever a challenge arises, thinking outside the box yields the greatest results. Vectis Technology is a representation of our years of empirical knowledge and our desire to go beyond to provide the ultimate solution to your intricate mechanical challenges.

But, how does it work? Let us show you. Click the link below to explore Vectis for yourself!

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Motion Control Engineering for Complex Hinges

When you’re dealing with heavy-duty hinges, the design can get complicated. But with motion control engineering, developing complex hinges isn’t an exhaustive task. 

You know what else isn’t exhaustive? Lifting a lid or cover with those same motion control hinges. 

Designed with Vectis Technology and paired with counterbalance techniques, our hinges allow users to lift 100 lbs. or more using only a finger. 

Motion control engineering is great for hinges in high-use situations, like:

Motion Control Design of the Future

Our research and development team is constantly pushing the boundaries of kinematic motion control. The goal of Vectis moving forward is to improve user experience for every type of application, from ergonomic office accessories to grill hinges. 

We are ready to integrate our solutions with advanced medical and industrial applications and are looking forward to the next step: robotics and powered devices.

Want to see how our revolutionary technology can take your design from acceptable to extraordinary? Talk to us! We welcome a challenge.