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Weber Knapp

Vectis™ Technology | Counterbalance Motion Control Engineering

We have been leaders in the world of motion control design and implementation since the 1950’s.  All that time and experience has allowed us to pioneer a major advancement in kinematic motion technology called Vectis Technology.   

From simpler assisted-lifting applications to our highly sought-after counterbalance mechanism engineering, Vectis Technology is the culmination of our engineering teams’ creative thinking, relentless research and development, and disciplined procedures.  It is the fruit of years of empirical knowledge, colliding with their desire to go beyond and take chances in order to provide the ultimate solution to our client’s often intricate mechanical challenges.

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A Technology For Tomorrow

Our research and development team is constantly pushing the boundaries and looking into ways to provide the best possible User Experience for every type of application revolving around kinematic motion.  We are ready to integrate our solutions with advanced medical and industrial applications and are looking forward to a foray into the world of robotics and powered devices.

Kamado Joe: A Case Study

Not only have we solved some rather complex problems for prominent clients such as Sub-Zero and Kamadoe Joe, but more importantly, our motion control engineering solutions have given them a competitive edge and have helped them on their road to success.

We are proud to be part of their journey!