Vectis™ DYO

How To Use The Vectis™ DYO App

Getting started with Vectis™ is an incredibly simple process. To begin, use our proprietary DYO app below by simply plugging in your product’s three critical parameters of the load to be counterbalanced:

  • • Lid weight and the lid center of gravity to the hinge pivot axis
  • • Horizontal distance
  • • Vertical distance

Once you’ve entered your information, next select the model of Vectis™ – 200, 600, 1200, 1800 – and quantity desired. Use the slide bar variables within the app below to obtain the optimum torque curve and fine tune the open and close feel.

When you are completely satisfied with your custom-made design, you can register it by providing a project file name, other required and optional information along with your user name. Once you have saved your design, we will provide you with a screenshot of the torque curve.

After you have finished with your design and registered an account with us, a member of the Weber Knapp team will be in touch via email. This initial contact will include information for you, including a price quote and production time needed to complete your DYO product and the volume requested.

This reference guide takes you in greater detail through the Vectis DYO app process, including step-by-step descriptions and graphics. We’ve also included the best ways to determine your lid’s weight and center of gravity.

Download Guide

Use the steps and 3D diagrams on this document to correctly install your motion control hinge. And if you ever need to adjust its position, we’ve got you covered there too with plenty of instruction.

Download Instructions

Downloadable STEP CAD model files:

Files will open in a separate window and need to be saved in order to be downloaded.

V0200 Mounting Model STEP
V0600 Mounting Model STEP
V1200 Mounting Model STEP
V1800 Mounting Model STEP