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Summer hits, the lawn is mowed, the pool is shining, and your customers are itching to get out and grill. Or maybe the snow’s coming down, and all they want to do is bake a fresh tray of cookies. 

Whether your customers are gearing up for a barbecue or mixing up some dough, the kitchen — whether indoors or outdoors — is undoubtedly their central hub.

Now, what if you could make their personal and professional kitchen experiences better?

Weber Knapp’s proprietary Vectis software and seasoned engineering team combine to create premium motion control mechanisms for luxury, professional kitchen appliances and outdoor cooking appliances. 

We design and manufacture custom motion control solutions, including:

  • Smoker & grill lid support hinges
  • Food prep table hinges
  • Commercial kitchen appliance hinges
  • Flip-up bar top hinges
  • Pass through countertop hinges

No matter the appliance, if it’s got a hinge, we can build a counterbalance for it. Check out below how Weber Knapp has brought innovation to the outdoor and professional kitchen markets. 

Making the Most of Motion Control for Your Customers

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Seamless Kitchens
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Weber Knapp has developed counterbalance and motion control hinges for everything from countertop pass-throughs to drum smokers. Our hinges can be designed to withstand extreme heat — as in grills and BBQ smokers — and extreme cold — as in refrigerators and freezers. 

A few of the many benefits of motion control hinges include:

  • Lighter, more controlled door/lid movement
  • Safer for both customers and the equipment
  • More ergonomic — even Grandma can lift it
  • Exemplary design for a luxurious feel

Depending on your needs, our hinges can be designed as soft-close or lid stays, and our baseline counterbalance hinges have been tested to 100,000 cycles and beyond when required. 

Take a look at some of our recent endeavors into the outdoor and professional kitchen world!

Case Study: Hestan Grill Hinges

Hestan Commercial, of Anaheim, California, was developing a line of professional-grade grills for residential customers. They wanted to make a grill that had all the high-end luxuries, but also was super-functional and easy to operate. Weber Knapp was able to develop a counterbalance solution that fit the specifications of their grill while also retaining its sophisticated look.

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Case Study: Concealed Hinges for the Hidden Fridge

Sub-Zero, a pioneer of stylish and functional kitchen appliances, developed a full refrigerator and freezer system to be inset alongside kitchen cabinetry. The company couldn’t use bulky hinges or anything less than the best — the door weighed 143 lbs.! Sub-Zero approached Weber Knapp to talk about a hidden hinge design, and Weber Knapp was able to deliver…

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Anything Is Possible: Designing Your Dream Project

At Weber Knapp, we conduct our design and manufacturing processes in-house, which makes your project experience seamless. As soon as we get off the phone with you, we head right to the drawing board. From there, we start up our machines and start prototyping your component. 

Along with complex hinge design, we have the equipment and the technicians for 

  • CNC turning, laser cutting, and routing
  • Hydraulic press braking
  • Progressive stamping
  • Powder coating
  • Electroplating

And we can put these capabilities to work for not just motion control or counterbalance hinges. Need a highly detailed logo cut from sheet metal? We can do it. Need handles for a grill turned on a lathe? We can do it.

To learn more about what Weber Knapp is capable of, feel free to contact us!

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Using Vectis Technology for a Drum Smoker Hinge

Here at Weber Knapp, we like to have some fun, specifically when it comes to outdoor cooking appliances. 

We put our custom motion control technology to good use and crafted a drum smoker lid hinge. This lid stay hinge allows the user to keep their hands free as they check on their slow-cooked meal. And, we’ve even made a latch handle to seal the lid of the drum for maximum smoking efficiency. 

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Frequently Asked Questions from Our Design Firm Partners

Our goal is to ensure your project runs as smoothly as possible. We accomplish this through transparency, and partnership. To help us get off on the right foot, here are some answers to questions that may be on your mind:

What do I need to order a hinge for a grill lid or a kitchen appliance?

What do I need to order a hinge for a grill lid or a kitchen appliance?

First we need the dimensions. Then we’ll work with you to design a hinge that fits your needs. All our hinges are one-of-a-kind!

Are outdoor and kitchen industries the only things Weber Knapp works in?

Are outdoor and kitchen industries the only things Weber Knapp works in?

Nope! We have hands in many industries, including manufacturing, ergonomics, medical, and hospitality.

What is the pricing for custom hinges?

What is the pricing for custom hinges?

Pricing hinges on a lot of things (see what we did there?) In the end, it comes down to the type of material, how many components are needed, and the size and weight specifications of the hinge.

My kitchen product is very specific and unconventional; can I still work with Weber Knapp?

My kitchen product is very specific and unconventional; can I still work with Weber Knapp?

We thrive on the challenge of unconventional applications. Tell us what you have in mind -- chances are we'll be able to design a solution for you!

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