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Weber Knapp

Outdoor & Professional Kitchen

Imagine being able to lift your lid with one finger.

Weber Knapp’s proprietary software and experienced engineering team combine to create premium motion control mechanisms for luxury and professional kitchen appliances. When product designers need a hinge solution beyond the ordinary, they call on Weber Knapp’s precise and reliable components.

We’ll help you make a custom lid support or commercial appliance hinge for your:

  • Grill lid support hinge
  • Food prep table hinges
  • Commercial kitchen appliance hinges
  • Flip-up bar & countertop hinges

Not only have we solved some complex problems for nationally recognized clients such as Kamado Joe, we’ve also given them a competitive edge with our motion control engineering solutions. Our counterbalance lifting device makes their product:

  • Feel lighter
  • Safer
  • Easier to use
  • More ergonomic
  • Stand out from a crowded market!

Our baseline counterbalance hinges have been tested to 100,000 cycles.

Case Study: Kamando Joe

Kamado Joe, an innovator in the outdoor grill and smoker industry, has perfected the ultimate smoker. However, the ceramic lid design also resulted in a 45-75 lb. cover that many customers struggled to safely lift. After several attempts to address this issue with a traditional hinge, Kamado Joe contacted Weber Knapp for help …


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