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Mid CPU Holder

The Mid Size CPU Holder is designed with the purpose of securely holding CPUs up to 23 lbs, between 3“ to 7“ width and 8“ to 16 ¾“ in height. The unique “over center” strap tightening mechanism ensures a secure it every time. The 360˚swivel and 12 ¼“ track create ease of access to your CPU no matter where the track is mounted. Made from textured black powder coated steel, it ensures a solid and versatile mounting mechanism for your Mid Sized CPU.

  • CPU Holder swivels 360˚
  • Supports up to 23 pounds of CPU Weight
  • Secure support for flat or rounded top CPUs
  • Conveniently frees up desk space, while providing easy access to drives and cables
  • Rugged steel construction finished in a durable black textured powder coating
  • Retractable and mounts underneath most work surfaces with an easy-to-install track
  • Easily adjusted to fit CPU widths from 3“– 7“ and heights from 8“ to 16.75“
  • Soft-touch feet protect surface of CPU
  • Mounting hardware, track guard and instructions included
  • 360° swivel
  • Fully retractable on 12 1/4” track
  • 23 lb CPU capacity
  • Easily adjusted to fit CPU widths from 3” to 7” and heights from 8” to 16.75”
  • Black textured powder coat

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