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Weber Knapp

Ergonomic Office Products

Science-backed studies show that using office equipment specially designed for comfort and movement improves productivity, mood, and health in employees. But not all ergonomic office products offer the same reliability and ease of use at a reasonable price.

In the 1980s, Weber Knapp created the first adjustable keyboard for office use. That keyboard arm was just the beginning — today we offer an entirely new world of innovative products for:

  • Work offices
  • Universities
  • Homes
  • Training facilities
  • Medical facilities

Ergonomic Office Products With Patented Counterbalance Technology

You need a reliable, longtime supplier of ergonomic office products that are exceptionally durable and easy to adjust. Unlike some competitors’ devices, Weber Knapp uses a speed control device to lift equipment in a smooth, safe manner.

Our ergonomic desk equipment and accessories include:

  • Advanced keyboard mechanisms (keyboard trays, keyboard arms, keyboard sliders, etc.)
  • Adjustable monitor arms
  • Sit-to-stand options
  • Components for training desks
  • Computer holders

Constant force springs allow our lifts to work without electricity. Unique to Weber Knapp is the NanoArm, which fully retracts within 8”. The NanoArm is commonly used on electric lift tables with crossmembers. Our gravity lock technology allows for instantaneous, tool-free repositioning on the fly.

Ergonomic Motion Control Solutions at Weber Knapp

As you develop, we will continue to develop with you.

Our team started out with simple mechanisms and graduated to spring-assisted and gravity-lock keyboard arm options, as well as more technologically advanced motion control solutions such as:

  • Split top mechanisms
  • Sit-to-stand mechanisms
  • Houdini Keyboard Arm
  • NanoArm

We are a full-service company — start to finish. We design, build, test, and deliver. This control of the product ensures there are no communication or quality gaps.

Weber Knapp is a U.S.-based company. However, in 1997, we did add a Taiwan facility, giving you a potentially more affordable solution.

Learn more about our EZOffice line of ergonomic office products here.