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Today, providing a new employee or workstation user with a rickety chair and bulky desk isn’t enough.

To keep up with the raised expectations of employees and other users, you need more advanced motion control and ergonomic accessories: 

  • PositionMate 
  • Sit/Stand UpRight
  • Height adjustable tables with the LanScape monitor bank
  • Medical computer carts on wheels

To make sure you get the best of the best, stick with a designer whose motion control innovation is recognized in the global marketplace. Today, we continue to develop new, unique technology in the pursuit of ergonomic solutions. 

The Best Ergonomic Office Supplies

The word “ergonomic” means a lot of things, and when people hear it, they think of expensive, luxurious chairs that increase productivity by 100%. But, that’s not entirely what ergonomics is about. 

Sure, ergonomic chairs are popular — and often, expensive — but that’s because they’re the poster child for office comfort. Whether in your home office or your cubicle, your chair is like your cockpit, the end-all-be-all. 

But, ergonomics applies to more than just your seat. There are several less conspicuous ergonomic accessories to optimize your workspace, including:

  • Heavy-duty monitor arms
  • Ergonomic keyboard trays
  • CPU trolleys
  • Height adjustable desks

Benefits of Ergonomic Workstation Accessories

While ergonomic products don’t finish your work for you, they do offer more than just simple convenience. There are many benefits of ergonomic workstation accessories. 

  • Provide better comfort to improve focus
  • Reduce strain from repetitive activities like typing
  • Increase ease-of-access and mobility, as with a CPU trolley
  • Get you up and moving, like with a sit-stand desk
  • Maximize efficiency
  • Increase productivity

But ergonomics isn’t just about the equipment you have in your office. There are common practices, too, that help exemplify the benefits of ergonomic accessories. Practicing good posture and office organization can improve your productivity.

Ergonomic Workstation Resources

What’s the proper position for an ergonomic keyboard tray? What are the benefits of monitor arms? How about the best position for your desk?

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Your Ergonomic Accessories Specialist

We began our journey into ergonomic innovation in the early 1980s. Weber Knapp created the first adjustable keyboard specifically for the office environment. 

That one keyboard arm was just the beginning — now we’ve opened an entirely new world of innovation for the 21st-century workstation.

As office spaces continue to change to better align with advancing technology, rest assured that Weber Knapp will continue to offer the latest in innovative ergonomic products

Learn more about Weber Knapp’s ergonomic accessories, check out our new Ergonomics Page!

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